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Zinc & Castor Oil Ointment 200g

Zinc & Castor Oil Ointment 200g

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Combining the healing properties of vitamin A, zinc and castor oil, this product is specially formulated for the tender skin of your babies.
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Zinc Castor Ointment Vitamin A 200g

Nappy rash is very common among babies. Their tender sensitive skin easily breaks down when in contact with urine and bacteria can build up and causes skin irritation and rashes.

Zinc Castor Ointment with Vitamin A combines the healing properties of zinc, castor and Vitamin A to help in protecting tender skin.


  • Assists in preventing nappy rash, windburn and chafing
  • Protects tender skin


Produces water-resistant barrier between the skin and urine

Active Ingredients:

Castor Oil, Arachis Oil, Beeswax White, Zinc Oxide and Vitamin A Palmitate.
Inactive Ingredient: Cetostearyl Alcohol.

How does zinc help the skin?

Zinc help reduce inflammation, regulate immunity and stimulate production of new cells. It also has anti-microbial properties, which helps soothe and relieve skin quickly.   

How does castor oil help the skin?

It helps reduce pigmentation on the skin. It is rich in fatty acids, which hydrate the skin and assist in stimulating the growth of healthy tissue.

How does vitamin A help the skin?

Mostly found in carrots, dairy products, spinach, broccoli and papaya, vitamin A promotes the normal turnover of skin cells. This then supports the skin to remain soft and supple. Without vitamin A, the skin becomes extremely dry and dull.

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