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Pregnancy can be a sensitive subject - and prying eyes can be a real issue when you jump out to the shops to pick up a test. That is why we offer you the best range of pregnancy tests online. All shipped DISCREETLY in a sealed back to your door Fast (so no one can see what's inside). How do pregnancy test work?   Early Pregnancy Tests   Ovulation Kits   Digital Pregnancy Tests
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How do pregnancy test work?

Once you become pregnant your body starts producing a hormone which can be detected in your urine. Pregnancy Test can be used around the time of your missed period to test your urine for this hormone in order to test if you are pregnant or not. The tests can take around 60 seconds to 5 minutes depending on the brand and type to give you a result.

Early Pregnancy Tests

These work by being able to detect pregnancy hormones in the body earlier that other tests.

Ovulation Kits

If you are making babies these are kits that can be used to tell you when you are ovulating so you maximise your chances of getting pregnant by trying when you are most fertile.

Digital Pregnancy Tests

These can be handy if you find it hard to read the results, they have a digital screen with + or - Symbol to clearly indicate if you are pregnant or not.

DISCREET SHIPPING - It is discreetly packaged and delivered to your door so no one will know you ever bought this item.
EMBARRASSMENT FREE SHOPPING - It eliminates the embarrassment and getting that unexpected blush when someone sees you picking up this item.
AVOID AWKWARD MOMENTS - And because you can buy this online, you don't need to worry about running into someone in a local store.
Page updated 06/04/18 12:47:36 p.m.
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