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Clearblue Pregnancy Test 3 Pack

$20.50 NZD
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Specially designed to be the easiest pregnancy test to use, it gives 99% accurate results in just 3 minutes.
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Clearblue Pregnancy Test 3

When you are expecting, it can get really frustrating to wait a long time only to get a result that is not clear. It can also be irritating if you don't get to target the urine to where it should be to get the result correctly. It can really get messy and you end up peeing either on your hands or on the floor of your bathroom.

With Clearblue Plus Pregnancy 3 Tests you can set these concerns aside to focus more on the joy of getting the result you wanted. This new female-friendly design will make testing less messy.


  • Offers over 99% accurate result in 3 minutes
  • Easy to target the urine stream
  • You can read the result in larger window with clearer positive or negative sign on screen
  • It turns pinks when absorbing urine so you know you are targeting the urine stream properly


  • 50% wider tip - for easy target of urine stream.
  • Larger and sharper display for an even clearer result.
  • Longer, curved stick with improved grip

How to use for best result?

  1. It is recommended that you test the day your period is due.
  2. Once ready to use, simply remove the one-piece Test Stick from foil pack. Take off cap.
  3. You can either put the test stick under your urine stream to collect the urine.
  4. Or you can collect your urine sample in a clean and dry container.
  5. Hold the Color Change Tip pointing downwards once urine is collected.
  6. DO this for 5 seconds only.
  7. This will allow the urine to soak the detector and will quickly turn pink.
  8. This shows that the urine is being absorbed. It is important however to continue to hold it in the urine for full 5 seconds.
  9. Keep the Color Change Tip pointing downwards or you may also lay the stick flat.
  10. Do this until the line has appeared in the Control Window.
  11. Results will appear after 3 minutes.

Are there any warnings and precautions?

  • Avoid drinking too much fluids before testing. If you are doing the test from the day your period is due, you can test anytime during the day.
  • But if you are testing earlier, it is best to use the first urine of the day.
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