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New Zealand Wide Mail Order Prescription Service. us happy to offer YOU a full mail-order prescription service (Within New Zealand) with Free delivery on orders over $120 (excluding GST, excluding packages over 2.5kg). Now you can get your prescriptions delivered right to your door at a great price. Conditions - By law we must sight the original prescription.I can almost hear you ask:

"Why Would I Get My Prescriptions Online?"

Here are just a few of the benefits of mail order prescriptions.

Time - Some times running out to get a prescription and remembering to pick it up is a pain... we save you time all you need to do is post us the script and we will delivery the filled prescription back to you. Once we have the script, repeats are a breeze - all you do is call us toll free on our 0800 000 980 or email us and tell us when you would like them, then we will sent them out to you.

Privacy - We mail your script in a plain courier bag to your home or office where you sign for it.

Cost - Because we run an online business we hire less staff and this means in most cases we can provide your script at a lower cost and pass the savings on to you. View Our Price List PDF 

"What If I Want To Speak To A Pharmacist?"

If you have queries about medication, concerns or simply want friendly advice (within New Zealand) all you need to do it call us toll free during business hours on 0800 000 980 and talk to one of our experienced pharmacist.

*Security - We protect your privacy. When you enquirer via telephone regarding your medication or personal details we will ask for a password. If you do not have a password please contact the staff on 0800 000 980 and set one up. We will not give our any details unless you have the password.

"How Do I Order My Prescriptions Online?"

Getting the prescription from YOU to PNZ

First You Post:
  • Your Prescription
  • Day time contact phone number
  • Delivery address payment details
  • And any extra information you would like us to have to the following address (You can arrange delivery and payment also on 0800 000 980)
Pharmacy NZ - C/O Oamaru Pharmacy Ltd, 171-173 Thames St, Oamaru,  New Zealand

Getting the filled prescription from PNZ to YOU

Your script will arrive at the address you specified in a plain signature required courier envelope marked 'Private and Confidential'. It is best to have the prescription delivered to an address where someone will be able to sign for it during the day.

"How Long Will The Prescription Take To Arrive?"

From the day you post us the  prescription allow up to five working days for your prescription to be posted back to you. This should to allow time for us to receive your script in the mail, dispense it and get it couriered back to you.

"How Do I Get My Repeats?"

If you would like your repeats sent to you all you need to do is give us a call on 0800 000 980 and talk to someone in the dispensary or email us your contact details along with the date you want them dispensed and we will do the rest.

"What If I Want My Medicine As Soon As Possible?"

If you need your medicines within the next 24 hours it is best to talk to your local pharmacy - especially when sourcing pain relief or medicines that are stores in the refrigerator like antibiotics.

If you can wait 24 hours you can:

Step One: Ask your doctor to fax your script directly to us on 03 434-8168.

Step Two: Post the Original prescription to this address:
Pharmacy NZ, C/O Oamaru Pharmacy Ltd, 171-173 Thames St, Oamaru, New Zealand

Step Three: Ring us toll free on 0800 000 980 ( or 03 434 8741) to let us know you have faxed and posted the script and to arrange payment and delivery details with one of our friendly staff.

Step Four: We will send out your order on overnight courier as soon as we receive both
  • your call and
  • your faxed prescription in the mail.

"How Much Will The Prescription Cost?"

View Our Price List Here Or ring 0800 000 980 to talk to one of our friendly staff about prescription costs.

How Does The Free Delivery Work?

We offer free delivery on orders over $120 Excluding GST and Excluding items over 2.5kg. If your item is over 2.5kg we will pay the postage fee up to 2.5kg and will requre that you pay the difference.

How is your medicine cabinet or tissue supply looking? You can stock up on non prescription items  such as moisturiser, toiletries, makeup and so on at our webstore to make your order up to $120 and qualify for free shipping.

Give Us A Call.

If you are still unsure about having your script filled online or would like some guidance ring us on 0800 000 980 and ask to speak to a pharmacist.

Prices are Inclusive of GST (sales Tax).
Prices are Inclusive of GST (sales Tax).

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