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Aircycle Inflatable Foot & Hand Exerciser

Aircycle Inflatable Foot & Hand Exerciser

$50.99 NZD
SKU 2385759
Improve on your circulation with the use of Air Cycle Inflat Circulation. It is your convenient way to exercise your feet even while your sitted to imrpove on your circulation.

Air Cycle Inflatable Exercise Cushion To Boost Circulation

Certain medical conditions such as diabetes and arthritis, for example, may lead to neuropathic disorders that may either result to less mobility or constant pain.

Air Cycle Inflat Circulation exerciser may Help you improve your circulation, leg strength, joint flexibility as well as control pain.  It is an inflatable mini exerciser that can fit your feet, which you can use while sitting. You can also bring it anywhere you want for instant relief and quick exercise.
How can using Air Cycle Inflat Circulation Help me?
In using this product, you can instantly have a quick massage anytime during the day. And because it is so easy to use and convenient to carry around, you give yourself a quick circulation boost anytime you feel like it.  

How to use this product?
Simply inflate by blowing into the valve a few times. And then sit comfortably. For best results, you may either put on a pair of socks or simply bare feet. Doing a pedalling motion, push down exercising one foot or hand at a time.
You may use it several times during the day for maximum effect.
Are there any warnings and precautions?
Keep out of sight and reach of children.
Store in a cool dry place.
Make sure you keep it safe when not in use to avoid puncture.

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