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Ancient Minerals Magnesium Gel 240ml Wholesale

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Gel 240ml Wholesale

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Magnesium Gel Ancient Mins 240ml WS, Short dated 01/23
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Magnesium Gel Ancient Minerals 240ml

While most people know about the benefits of aloe for the skin, the application of magnesium chloride to the skin has shown marked benefits for enhancing skin barrier function, supporting skin health and wound healing, and augmenting skin cell hydration. Magnesium oil can be used for massage or simple to support magnesium levels through the skin. Because the skin is the largest organ in the body you can support magnesium levels transdermally as an alternative to oral supplementation. Ultra-pure and highly concentrated.
  • Delivers magnesium through the skin.
  • A Masseur in a bottle
  • Supports thousands of processes in the body
  • Helps restore magnesium to the body
  • Comes from an ultra pure and remote underground source far away from man made pollutants (unlike other brands).
  • Perfect for after a workout, gym session, yoga or crossfit.
  • Significant for massage applications.
  • Extensive topical and cosmetic benefits
  • Combines the healing power of bio-active aloe and magnesium
  • Encourages healthy skin tissue.


  • It contains a high quality aloe vera and pure source of magnesium chloride
  • Made using Genuine ultra pure Zeichstien magnesium chloride
  • Free from man made pollutants, heavy metal and and toxins
  • A natural source of magnesium chloride
  • Comes from one of the purest untouched sources in the world. It comes from almost 2 miles deep beneath the earths crush from the Ancient Zechstein Seabed in Northern Europe.
  • Perfect for massage application
  • Offers extensive topical and cosmetic benefits
  • Offers bio-active aloe and magnesium
  • Magnesium Gel combines biologically active organic aloe vera extract
  • (ACTIValoe) with the healing power of magnesium chloride in therapeutic amounts.
  •  This means it a great texture for massage.


  • Magnesium Gel Plus Ingredients:
  • Purified water, Genuine Zechstein Magnesium Chloride (and other naturally occurring trace minerals).
  • Hydroxypropyl starch phosphate, certified organic
  • ACTIValoe, xanthan gum.
  • Approximately 490mg Magnesium Per Teaspoon.

What makes it different to other brands?

Its purity, because it comes from such a remote source there are no heavy metals or toxins only ultra pure magnesium oil. Other brands are sourced from locations like salt lake a city where there is a large nuclear power plant.

What is In Magnesium Chloride Oil?

The Original Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil is drawn from the ancient Zechstein Seabed in Northern Europe. There are no added ingredients except those found naturally occurring in the deep underground deposits from this pristine source. It has been has been filtered under cold processing methods to preserve that integrity.

The magnesium chloride used for the production of this product comes from the purest source. It comes from the depths of the earth's crust in the Ancient Zechstein Seabed found in Northern Europe. And because it has been isolated for the past 250 million years, you can be sure that you are using only the purest form of magnesium chloride free from heavy metals and other toxins.

What About Heavy Metals And Toxins?

Because it is not man made it is free from heavy metals and the only thing you will find in the bottle is magnesium chloride and other naturally occurring trace minerals.

Are there any warnings and precautions? Do not apply to any broken skin or cuts or it will sting. For sensitive individuals we recommend magnesium bath flakes of the coconut and shea butter body lotion as it is gentler on the skin.  If you should experience a burning sensation rinse off with warm water.

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