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Blackmores Macu-Vision provides antioxidant nutrients important for the maintenance of healthy eyes. These nutrients play a significant role in defending against free radical damage in the macular region of the retina and the lens of the eye.
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Blackmore Macu Vision 90 Tablets

Start taking Blackmore Macu Vision and Help protect your eyesight from macular degeneration.

Antioxidant formula based on the Age Related Eye Disease Study* (AREDS).
Contains naturally sourced vitamin E which is better absorbed and retained than synthetic forms of vitamin E.
A percentage of the sales of Macu-Vision© supports the MD Foundation.
* Betacarotene has been removed and synthetic vitamin E has been replaced with natural vitamin E.

What is this product?
It is a dietary food supplement that is a great source of antioxidant nutrients that are beneficial to both your retina and the lens of the eye.

What is in it?
It has 250mg of vitamin C or ascorbic acide, 200IU of Natural Vitamin E, 49.8 mg of Zinc Oxide and 1.3mg of Cupric Ocide.

What does it do?
It Helps revitalize your antioxidant defenses, making your body less prone to cellular damage. It also plays an important role in strengthening your your macular region of the retina and lens of the eye.

What is its dosage?
Adults may take 1 tablet a day after eating, or as professionally prescribed by your doctor. Children under 12 years of age are not recommended to take this product.

What are the precautions that I need to be aware of?
This product contains zinc which may be considered to be toxis when taken in large amount or for a long period. It causes gastric irritation if taken without eating anything. Women who are pregnant or lactating are not advised to take this product.

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