How to Use Magnesium Bath Flakes

How to Use Magnesium Bath Flakes

Not a lot of people know that magnesium deficiency is a pretty common condition. Under-developed countries are mostly affected but surprisingly as well as in well-developed countries. Perhaps it is because magnesium is not a very popular mineral. It seems like a lot of fingers are pointing to our diet and lifestyle as the two main reasons. Furthermore, the other reasons are medication, lack of exercise and climate change. But did you also know that the infamous magnesium plays a very important role in the many important bodily functions? Thus, it makes a good sense to support our magnesium levels. And one way to do this is to add magnesium bath flakes in your bathing routine.  

Let us count the ways how to use magnesium bath flakes.

Transdermal magnesium therapy is one easy and effective way to increase magnesium levels. And you can achieve this with the help of magnesium bath flakes by getting magnesium through the skin. And this happens whether by soaking in a magnesium bath or using magnesium oil. Another way is through magnesium lotion and other  skin products that contain magnesium. Plus, it’s a great way to get your magnesium. It does not pass through the digestive system as opposed to oral supplements, which sometimes cause stomach upset.  

There are so many reasons why this is a good idea, and here are some of them:

    • Super easy and convenient.
    • You can do it at home.
    • It avoids the problems of gastrointestinal irritation and diarrhoea which some people get from oral magnesium supplements.
    • Immediately transported to the cells because the skin absorbs it.  
    • It’s so luxurious to soak in a magnesium flakes bath!
    • Ideal for those with sensitive skin. Because you can mix it up to a dilution that soothes your skin as you soak.
    • The perfect alternative if you don’t like swallowing supplements, or can’t get your kids to either.
    • You can use the flakes to make your own magnesium skincare products.
    • And it’s delivered directly to the cells, which needs it most! Therefore, nothing passes through urine.  
  • Your entire family can enjoy it, including the kids.

So how do I use magnesium bath flakes?

Just dissolve about 1-3 cups of magnesium bath flakes in warm rather than hot water.  Then use it either in a footbath or a regular bath.  Finally, soak to your hearts content!

Where can I get magnesium bath flakes?

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You don’t have to experience signs of magnesium deficiency before you start enjoying its benefits. Go ahead and check out our online store. And find out more details about magnesium bath flakes. Plus other forms of transdermal magnesium therapy.


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