Summer Time + Barbeque Time=Equals Indigestion

Summer Time + Barbeque Time = Equals Indigestion

Have you ever had that feeling after a decadent meal, or maybe a few drinks? It feels like burning in your stomach, or perhaps when you burp. Indigestion is a very common ailment during summertime. Aside from hayfever, people also suffer mostly from upset stomach and indigestion. This is because summertime in New Zealand involves beers, barbeque and Christmas parties and gatherings left and right.

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Why do we suffer from indigestion?

It is not only barbeque that can cause indigestion. In fact, beers and all sorts of carbonated beverages, as well as alcoholic drinks that are usually part of barbeque gatherings, can all cause indigestion. When we overindulge and too much of these two combinations are consumed, we can someones expect to have an overproduction of acid.

What are the other causes of indigestion?

Too much eating and eating too fast without chewing and masticating the food can definitely lead to feelings of bloating.

Red meat is especially hard to digest and it usually takes 3-4 days for the body to properly digest it. So if we eat too much of this without helping our stomach to digest it through proper chewing, we expect to overload our tummy.

Spicy, fatty, as well as beans, can also add up to this condition. So keep it low on these items.

Stress and lack of sleep are also to blame on this condition. Partying all day and all night will surely take a toll on your body and your digestive system so try to limit your activities to what your body can comfortably take.

What are the common signs that you may be having bouts of indigestion?

  • Feeling nauseous and wanting to vomit.
  • Abdominal pain
  • Acid reflux or heartburn
  • The bloated and gassy feeling
  • Belching and burping continuously

What is the common relief for indigestion?

For immediate relief of indigestion, antacid medicines, as well as alginates, can come to the rescue.

Antacid works to neutralize the acid in your stomach by making it less acidic. This will prevent further irritation of your stomach lining. These are available in either tablet or liquid form and these can be bought without a prescription. It is best taken after meals or at bedtime since the effect will last longer and will allow more time to work.

Alginates are also part of some antacid’s formulation. This is particularly helpful for indigestion that is caused by acid reflux. It works by forming a barrier on the surface of your stomach. It will float and will prevent the acid from going to your oesophagus.


Here is a little video explaining how Antacids work:

Some brands to consider are: “Gaviscon“, “Zantac“, “Mylanta” and “Titralac“.

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