Resistant to Hayfever Tablets? Ask us about Levrix

Resistant to Hayfever Tablets? Ask us about Levrix

Are you a hay fever sufferer like me? You have probably tried all of the brands and active ingredients of antihistamines and are struggling to find the perfect match. With so many different ingredients, and options on the market it can hard to know what to choose, or if you take the same product for a long time, you may start to find it does not work as well as it use to.

Some hayfever tablets can make you drowsy and impare your ability to work as usual for the day. Others simply don’t give me fast enough relief. It’s a good thing I learned about Levrix!

What is Levrix?

Levrix is made of Levocetirizine, a second generation antihistamine treatment that may help to provide relief from seasonal allergic rhinitis as well as persistent allergic rhinitis and Urticaria or hives.

Watch this video for a preview of Levrix:

What makes it different from other antihistamine brands?

  • May be fast acting and easily absorbed.
  • Initial action after 20 minutes.
  • Full swing action after about an hour.
  • One tablet is good for 24s of hour relief!

What makes it so effective?

It contains twice the compound of Levocetirizine that is found to be more effective compared to other brands that contain both Levocetirizine and Cetirizine.

In fact, Levocitirizine is found to have twice the affinity for the human H1 receptors as compared to Cetirizine.

If you are interested in hearing about this new generation of antihistamine, why don’t you speak to our pharmacist about Levrix by giving us a call on 0800 000 980. You can also grab levrix in our webstore in a 30 Pack, 10 Pack or Trial 4 Pack

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