Terraflora Synbiotic Review – The Hunger Buster

Terraflora Synbiotic Review – The Hunger Buster

I have been asked to do a review of TerraFlora (which is one of our best selling products) so I thought I would pop this blog together to tell you a little more about it.

Terraflora instructions

As the same suggest this is a great Probiotic to take after a course or antibiotics to help support the balance of beneficial bacteria in your body.

When you take antibiotics they kill off all of the bugs (both good and bad) so it is a good idea to support your bodies balance and get your gut back on side.

Some other great features:

  • Supports appetite management
  • Assists with healthy fat metabolism
  • Aids the digestive function
  • Helps achieve healthy cholesterol levels
  • Assists with getting optimal lean muscle mass
  • Helps to manage cravings
  • Designed to ramp up support for optimal metabolism.

So what is a hunger buster?

It has been formulated to assist in decreasing calorie intake by managing hunger levels. By helping you manage your hunger levels, it also aids in decreasing body fat. It also assists in managing mid afternoon sugar craving. Basically what that means is it supports the body’s ability to naturally manage the desire to consume excess calories or food.

Spore Forming Probiotics

Prescript assist is different to the yogurt your pick up off the shelf, or the probiotics sitting in the fridge at your local health store. It contains spore forming probiotics that are naturally occurring in the soil, rather then coming from a dairy cow. This means they are dairy free, gluten free, vegan and suitable for the paleo diet. Dr Oz Coined Spore Forming Proboiotics as the “Chuck Norris of Probiotics” because they pack a real punch. Terraflora contains strains of beneficial bacteria (and is about 10000 times more powerful that yoghurt).

  • No need to keep them in the fridge
  • Strains of good bugs
  • Contains a pro and prebiotic (to support them to get to the GI tract)
  • Viability in the gut – Their structure protects them from stomach acid so they can reach their target destination intact so they can do their thing).

How do I take them?

  • Take 1 probiotic morning and night for the first two weeks.
  • Take one a day until you finish the bottle.

TIP: You may also benefit from taking a teaspoon of coconut oil in hot water morning and night to support the probiotics.

Want to learn more about Terraflora or buy it online you can do that here in our online store 

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