Teeth Whitening: Ever Cringe at the colour of your teeth?

itening Teeth
Whitening Teeth

Yellow Teeth? Drinking coffee, red wine, smoking and eating food are just a few of the causes of discoloration of the teeth.

Now I am not saying I would like to have teeth that beam brighter then my headlights on full, but I would like to undo some of the discoloration from years of drinking long blacks.

So when it comes to teeth whitening what is the best choice?

With so many gels, trays, lasers, lights, toothpastes, pens and enamels coming on the market it is hard to make a choice.

I have investigated a number of options including:

Whitening Toothpaste.

You brush your teeth twice daily with the whitening toothpaste results are so gradual

Teeth Whitening Strips.


These strips are applied for 30 minutes a day for 10 days and uses the same ingredients as dentists but the cost is dramatically lower

Whitening Brush on Veneer.

Apply a stroke to the front teeth at the top and bottom a few times a day to give them a temporary white glow. Reapply after eating for instant results.

Whitening Trays, Solutions and Gels.

These involving mixing the right solutions and strengths up and can be a bit complicated

Teeth Whitening Pen.

Store the pen in you purse as it looks like a lipstick case and apply 3 times a day after each meal.

It uses the same strong main ingredient the dentist use, desensitizes sensitive teeth and is a thick formulation to ensure it sticks to the teeth for maximum results.

Learn more about teeth whitening products on our website and find a range of teeth whitening products to suit your needs, time limit and budget.


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