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EGO Moov Head Lice Solution 200ml

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Moov Head Lice Solution is a potent blend of essential oils that breaks the life cycle of head lice killing head lice and eggs and preventing reinfestation without causing the scalp to dry.
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Moov Head Lice Solution 200ml

Kids do get lice. It's a consequence of their social interaction that is unavoidable. It is because lice jump from one host to another. And if you get close to someone infested, there is a big chance that you will get it too. So if you think your child has lice, don't wait for them to infest the entire household. Instead use Moov Head Lice Solution. In 2 applications, each seven days apart, you will break the life cycle of the head lice. And because it uses a powerful blend of essential oils, it won't harm the health of your child.


  • Kills head lice and the eggs
  • Breaks down the life cycle of the lice
  • Helps prevent the reinfestation without drying the scalp
  • Does not have side effects


  • Powerful blend of essential oils
  • Pleasant-smelling
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with reusable shower cap

Active Ingredients:

Eucalyptus Oil 10% w/w Contains ethanol, lemon tea tree oil 1.0% w/w.
PRESERVATIVE: benzyl alcohol 0.5% w/w. Contains ethanol

How to use for best results?

  1. Cover eyes with a towel.
  2. Use on dry hair.
  3. Apply product to behind the ears and the back of the neck first, then apply to hair.
  4. Apply sufficient product to ensure hair is thoroughly wet.
  5. The amount used will depend on the length and thickness of the hair.
  6. Massage gel into the scalp and hair.
  7. For optimal results, cover with a shower cap and leave on hair for ten minutes.
  8. Apply warm water to form a lather and then thoroughly rinse.
  9. Condition as normal.
  10. Rinse cap well after use with soap and warm water to remove all traces of treatment.
  11. Dry thoroughly.
  12. The cap can be re-used.
  13. Repeat seven and fourteen days after initial treatment.

Are there any warnings and precautions?

For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes, if contact does occur rinse immediately with water. Sometimes a tingling sensation develops during use. This is usually mild and resolves quickly after product is rinsed from hair. If severe irritation occurs discontinue use. Consult your doctor before use on infants under 6 months.

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