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MYHD Tint Bowl and Brush Set

MYHD Tint Bowl and Brush Set
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$11.50 NZD
SKU 3187141
MYHD Tint Bowl and Brush Set is the perfect tool to help you achieve salon quality at home hair colour!
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MYHD Tint Bowl and Brush Set

This brush and bowl set makes home hair drying alot easier as you can easily mix and distribute the product over your hair! Great for:
  • Mixing Permanent Hair Colour
  • Mixing Colour Remover
  • Mixing Hair Lightener.
What is in it?
1 x Bowl
1 x Brush

What else may I need to purchase:
Gloves can also be handy to avoid mess, we recommend our black heavy duty gloves (like the use in a salon) also available in our store.

Why use MYHD over other brands?
MYHD is a very cheap alternative to going to the salon as you only buy the items you need.
100% Grey Coverage.
Natural true to life colour.
Brilliant and Vibrant long lasting results.
Moisturises & protects hair & scalp.
Even coverage.
Dermalogically tested.
Multiple uses, colour and developer are resealable.
Great value for money!

Unlike box colours this bowl and brush can be washed and reused the next time you apply MYHD colour, colour remover or dye your hair.

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