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Sanderson Esterplex Chewable Vitamin C 600mg Fruit 220 Tablets

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Aa high potency vitamin C complex combined with co-factors for optimal bioavailability and to help maximize immune performance. 5 Fruity Flavours in each pack - peach, apple, tropical, orange and lemon.
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Sanderson EsterPlex 600mg 220 Chewable Vitamin C Fruit Flavour

Do you always feel rundown and often suffer from colds and coughs? Your immune system may not be performing at its best that is why you easily catch some viruses. If you feel that your immune system needs a little boost, you can take Sanderson Ester Plex Chewable Vitamin C 600mg. This fruit flavoured tablet is made even more delicious so you look forward to your daily dose of vitamin C infusion.


  • Supports healthy function of the immune system
  • Stomach and tooth friendly
  • Offers increased absorption of vitamin C in the body


  • Formulated as a high potency esterified vitamin C complex
  • Contains natural co-factors to support a healthy immune system
  • Low acidity formulation
  • Contains Threonic acid
  • 5 Different fruity flavours in each pack
  • Buffered vitamin C
  • Superior low-allergy formulation
  • No yeast, wheat, fish, gluten, lactose, starch, dairy, corn, artificial preservatives and flavours.

Active Ingredients?

Vitamin C with metabolites (from Ascorbic acid, Calcium & Sodium ascorbate 575mg) 500mg, Camu Camu dried powder 10mg, Acerola (Malpighia punicifolia) dried fruit 5mg, Citrus bioflavonoids 5mg, Rosehips (Rosacanina) dried fruit powder 5mg.

Dosage Recommendation:

Adults may take 1-4 tablets daily or as professionally prescribed.
Preferably taken with food for increased absorption.

Are there any warnings and precautions?

Store in a cool dry place. Keep away from the reach and sight of young children. Discontinue use if you experience any forms of irritations

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