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A blend of plant based ingredients that coat the soft tissues at the back of the throat to help reduce the vibrations that produce the noise of snoring. With time release action to ensure it works overnight. Each bottle contains up to 50 applications.
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Snoreeze Throat Spray 23.5ml

Get a solid 8 hours without a jab in the ribs because your snoring is keeping your partner awake. Snoreeze Throat Spray is made from natural ingredients and works by coating the soft tissues at the back of the throat to help reduce the vibrations that produce the noise of snoring.  


  • Ships fast to your door internationally
  • Helps minimise the noise produced by snoring
  • Efficiently works to control the vibrations that snoring produces
  • Coats the soft tissue at the back of the throat
  • Formulated with time release action to ensure it will work overnight
  • Get a solid sleep without being attacked with a pillow
  • Give your partner the gift of a peaceful sleep


  • Does not contain animal derivative ingredients
  • Made from  natural plant based ingredients
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • 8 hour action
  • Up to 50 applications in one bottle

Product Ingredients:

Aqua (water), glycerin (vegetal origin, GMO-free source), sorbitan stearate (vegetal origin), polysorbate 60 (from vegetable oils), cellulose (vegetal origin), peppermint oil (from peppermint plant), tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, citric acid (from sucrose), xanthan gum (from sugar and molasses), hyaluronic acid (from wheat and glucose), guar gum (vegetal origin).

How do I use this product?

Administer this product each night or as required by following these simple steps:
Step 1 - Shake the bottle
Step 2 - Swivel spray arm at 90 degrees
Step 3 - Spray 3 times towards the back of the throat
Step 4 - Hold for 20 seconds and then swallow
The extended spray arm helps to deliver the formula to the back of the throat to achieve maximum effectiveness.
how to

Are there any warnings and precautions?

Always read the label. Use only as directed. Keep this out of reach and sight of small children. The spray pump contains small parts so make sure you keep it from being dismantled. Store in a dark place, below 25C. Snoreeze Throat Spray should be used at room temperature. Avoid using if you have known allergies to any of the active ingredients. It is not suitable for pregnant women unless under supervision of doctors.  In order to maximise its effects, do not eat or drink after using this product or you may have to repeat the dosage.

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