How To Use Magnesium Lotion

How To Use Magnesium Lotion

Sometimes it is just hard to fit everything you are supposed to do into the day. This can either be at work, exercise or even just by taking a time to floss. And there is taking supplements or putting on moisturiser. I am… so I am trying this new thing called “habit stacking”. This is a discipline where you try and combine things into your routine each day so they become second nature to get in the habit.  If you are anything like me you know about the importance of magnesium. Homagwever, you are terrible at remembering to take your supplement (or maybe you find oral supplements give you an upset tummy). This is where habit stacking comes in handy. You can combine the day act of moisturising with your magnesium supplementation using magnesium

This way you get the benefits of magnesium supplementation. And have a skin that doesn’t resemble that of a dragon’s scales. Plus, the other habit stacking ideas that I am loving right now are; 1) flossing in the shower – that way all the yucky bits of food get flushed away by the water; and 2) squats while I brush my teeth in the morning… but anyway I digress.

So going back to what I originally want to share…what is magnesium lotion?

It is a smooth and easily absorbed body lotion that includes shea butter, coconut butter, and magnesium chloride.  You use it to support magnesium by applying it to the skin – the biggest organ in the body. Thus, you do not lose any of the goodness during digestion – as can happen with an oral supplement.  Also, it feels light on the skin and is great if you have sensitive skin, as it is a gentler formulation than the magnesium chloride oil.

Then you may ask, why the need to apply magnesium to the skin?

The process of supplementing magnesium through the skin is called transdermal magnesium therapy. There are a few reasons you might like to try this, including:

    • Absorb magnesium faster than oral supplements


    • Great if you have allergies or stomach upsets as you will not lose any during digestion


    • You can easily rub it into the skin after a gym session, crossfit or a day of snowboarding


  • Perfect if you are always forgetting to take your magnesium supplement

How to use magnesium lotion?


You can use it like your regular body lotion. Just squeeze the desired amount onto your palms and apply gently to your hands, feet, legs and entire body. It is great after a good sweat session at the gym.  I like to apply mine after a shower when my pores are open.

Where can I buy Magnesium Lotion?

We sell Ancient Minerals Magnesium Lotion in our online store. You can click on the image or button below to learn more or buy it online and we will ship it fast to your door.

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Lotion
Ancient Minerals Magnesium Lotion

If you have already tried using magnesium lotion and you want to share your experiences with us, please feel free to leave a comment or two.  We’d love to hear from you. Take a moment to share this blog post using the social buttons to the left and help us spread the word!



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