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MYHD Developer 20 Volume 100ml

MYHD Developer 20 Volume 100ml
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MYHD 20 Volume Developer is an essential ingredient when colouring your hair. It activates the hair colour when the products are mixed together. This particular strength lifts or lightens hair by 2 levels. It also offers 100% grey hair coverage.
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MYHD 20 Volume Developer 100ml

Changing hair colour is one of the easiest ways to get a makeover. If you have grey hair and you colour your hair, it instantly results in a younger looking you. Even if you don't have grey hair, just changing your hair colour will refresh your look. But choosing the right product is necessary to get the look you want. MYHD 20 Volume Developer will help you get that look, as when it is mixed with a permanent hair colour it activates the hair colour. It is the developer's strength that determines how light or dark the colour will become. This particular product lifts or lightens hair by 2 levels.


  • Activates hair colour when mixed together
  • Lightens hair colour by 2 levels
  • 100% grey coverage
  • Will not harm hair or scalp
  • Colour yield is not too far from natural hair colour


  • Gentle
  • Formulated for covering grey hair
  • Can be mixed with any of the 36 My Hairdresser Permanent Hair Colour
  • Reusable and resealable bottle

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