Why Choose Tropical Strength Insect Repellent?

Why Choose Tropical Strength Insect Repellent?



Kiwis love to hang out, be with their friends and explore the great outdoors during summer. But why not when we know that New Zealand is a great adventurous place that offers all of the wonders of nature. However, there is just one deterrence to this great exploration – mosquitoes and other insects. We all know that mosquitoes and other insects carry diseases which may be quite harmful, so the search for the most effective tropical strength insect repellent is on!bushmans 40% deet

REPEL ULTRA PUMP SPRAY 125mlWhat is tropical strength insect repellent?

This is probably one of the strongest and longer lasting insect repellents ever invented. They are specially formulated to help aid those who are into more adventurous activities this summer.

Who should use tropical strength insect repellent?repellent

  • Those who are intending to explore the deep forest for camping.
  • Those who are travelling out of the country – say in the Amazon, Outback or other tropical places where mozzies are known to be notorious in spreading diseases.
  • Those who are looking at staying outdoors all night to socialize and party.

What are the advantages of using a tropical strength insect repellent?

  • It contains a high concentration of DEET, anywhere between 20 – 30%.
  • It may last longer than other insect repellents – up to 8 hours of effectivity.
  • May offer more effective and broad spectrum protection from a wide variety of insects.

If you are looking for more adventures this summer and are heading off to the tropics or any place infested with mosquitoes and other insects, choose tropical strength insect repellent.


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