Fungal infections can be tricky to because spores can hide in your clothes, blankets, underwear, socks or even towels. When dealing with a fungal infection its important to the source, but also any points of contact that might cause reinfection. Choose the an anti fungal to suit your needs and have it discreetly packaged in a courier bag and shipped to your door and home or at work overnight anywhere in New Zealand. What is Ringworm (Tinea) . What is thrush? . What is jock itch? . How do I a fungal nail?
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What is Ringworm (Tinea)

Ringworm or tinea as its called by the medical profession is a pretty common fungal infection that looks like a scaly and crusted rash that can itch. Ring worm can happen to someone at any age as its highly contagious. Ring worm can pass from individual to individual from sharing hair brushes, clothing, shoes or even from using the same shower or walking by the pool.

What is thrush?

Trush a fungal infect associated with the an overgrowth of the candida in the body. Vaginal thrush is a common fungal infection experienced by 75% of woman at some stage in their lifetime and can cause itching, burning, pain during urination, and discharge (common but not always present - described as having a cottage-cheese, white appearance but it can vary from watery to thick.) Common treatments include nystatin, miconazole, clotrimazole, pessaries or antifungal tablets.

What is jock itch?

This itchy groin rash which can be caused by a fungus or moisture, irritaiton and bacterial overgrowth. It looks pink or red in the folds of your goin and is common amoung athletes and males. Proper hygiene can help ward off jock itch, but it can be caused by a number of possible factors Diabeties, obesity,  irritation from tight or abrasive underwear, excess moisture, sweating, skin rubbing or friction, allergic problems, fungal infection, Candida (yeast) infection, and bacterial overgrowth or skin infection.

How do I treat a fungal nail?

A fungal infection in the finger or toe nails is pretty common and causes thickened and unsightly nails which sometimes become painful.
 If the fungal infection is not treated early it can sometimes spread under the nail, so treatment can take several weeks in order to kill all the fungal spores.
When dealing with a nail fungal infection its important to wash your hands thoroughly to prevent the spread of the infection.
Anti fungal nail paints like loceryl can be helpful if the infection has spread under the nail or Nail Removers like Daktarin Tincture Stop Fungal Infections from Spreading.
If you are using an anti fungal to treat your infect you also want to make sure you wash in hot water any socks, sheets, underwear or items of clothing that have come into contact with the effected area, along with your shower or jandals. A fungal laundry liquid can also be useful in this instance. You want to destroy any fungal spores to prevent them from spawning. Page updated 06/04/18 12:47:36 p.m.
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