Save over $435 on eyelash extensions a year with Flash Eyelash Serum

Save over $435 on eyelash extensions a year with Flash Eyelash Serum

FlashEyelashSerumTipHow much money do you spend on fake eyelashes or lash extensions? Last time I had lash extensions done they cost me $75 and looked good for about 4 weeks.

Last time I purchased fake eyelashes they cost me $20 for the lashes and I ended up buying extra glue for $10 because the one that came in the tube was dried out and didn’t really stick that well.

So essentially I paid $30 and I only ever put them on 3 times a year – because I always end up poking myself in the eye with tweezers, or worse one falls off in the middle of the evening #embarrasing!

The trouble with lash extensions is you have to keep getting them applied every six weeks. And at $75 a pop that works out to $75 x 9 sessions a year that’s around $675 a year just on lash extensions.

The trouble with fake eyelashes is that you only get round to sticking them on for special events, because they are fiddly, you get glue stuck on your fingers or you end up gluing your eyelids shut (I speak from personal experience there).

Grow your real lashes

Flash Eyelash Serum is a paint on eyeliner that you apply to the base of your lashes to stimulate and condition your lashes.  You can get a 3 months supply (in one tube) for cheaper than the cost of one eyelash extension sessions. and you can start to see changes in 8 – 12 weeks.  You get longer lashes and and because it conditions the lashes less breakage.

Flash Eyelash Serum Before and After Photos


So what do you need to know…

  • Ophthalmologist tested & Physician formulated
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearer.
  • You apply it like a liquid eyeliner once a day and it dries in 1 – 2 minutes
  • You get 3 months supply in every tube
  • You can also use it on patch light eyebrows.

Flash Lash Instructions



  • Save on extensions and fake lashes (you won’t need to fake it)
  • Use less mascara and avoid clumping as you don’t need to use as much to make your lashes look fuller.
  • Lashes appear longer, fuller and curlier

So let’s do the math on this.

Flash lash at full price is $59.99 you need 4 tubes a year $240

Lash Extensions are $75 you need to get them stuck on 9 times a year = $675.

That is a $435 saving a year. Not to mention the saving on petrol, parking and time off work you need to take to go and get them stuck on 9 times a year.



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