How to fake tan your face

Avoid an orange patchy face next time you fake tan by watching these video tips.


0:03 – Apply your face tan to clean and dry skin

0:06 – Using your fingers blend over the entire face and under your chin

0:10 – Apply a small amount carefully around the eye area

0:14 – Blend the lotion into the hair line and over the ears.

0:18 – The result is an instant matte finish radiant glow.

0:23 Wash your hands after use.

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Prevent Travel Sickness this Summer

Summer time is an exciting season with the festive mood all around us. It is the time of year when we go to the beach, party left, right and centre, and have reunions and gatherings. But of course its the time of year that also means travelling with our children and embarking on those long … Read morePrevent Travel Sickness this Summer

Levrix Allergy Tablets

New in store Levrix Allergy Tablets. Here is Jeff our pharmacist to tell you a little more about the New Antihistamine and how it works.

Levrix allergy Tablets

Levrix is a new product that has arrived in store this week. After searching on the internet I realised there was not a lot of information around about this product, so I thought I would throw a video together to let you know about this new generation of antihistamine.

Sometimes if we are prone to allergies and take antihistamines frequently, we may start to find the antihistamine does not work as well as it use to. The product uses a slightly different main ingredient which is said to work when other antihistamines do not.

Levrix uses the Active Ingredient levocetirizine 5mg to give

  • Fast Acting
  • Non Drowsy
  • Once a day
  • Powerful hayfever and allergy relief.
What are the symptoms of hayfever?
Sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion, red eyes, itchy eyes, skin irritation.
Spring is the season for hayfever and the symptoms can really interrupt your day. If your current antihistamine is not cutting it. Give us a call on 0800 000 980 to speak to one of our pharmacists about Levrix and talk about its benefits, side effects and interactions or check it out in our online catalogue.

Available in 3 Sizes – Lexrix 4 Pack    Levrix 10 Pack    Levrix 30 Pack


Magnesium oil and athletic performance

Found a great video by Mike Mahler on magnesium’s possible benefits to athletic performance, hormone levels, DHEA, and weight training.

Watch this video – Mike Mahler, Kettlebell Guru, on Magnesium



What is this magnesium video all about?

  • 0.02 Magnesium key for athletes
  • 0.20 DHA hormones and testosterone
  • 0.57 Premature Aging
  • 1.24 work out recovery and sleep support
  • 1.39 Sleep support
  • 1.49 Pain support
  • 2.00 Insulin sensitivity
  • 2.20 Hormone optimisation
  • 2.30 Heart health, cardiovascular health, bone health support
  • 2.45 High quality source of magnesium

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Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors

High blood pressure is a common problem as we age, and if your over 45 then a home blood pressure monitor is a great idea, especially if you are on medications that can effect your blood pressure. Omron wrist blood pressure monitors are easy to use and mean that anyone can take their own blood pressure reading at home at the press of a button.

How does a Wrist blood pressure cuff work?

Here is a video to explain how wrist blood pressure monitors should be attached and how to take an accurate reading.


What Omron models are Wrist Blood Pressure Cuffs?

Currently we stock the following models of Omron Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors, both are automatic and use intellisense technology to take accurate readings at home.

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Magnesium Deficiency and Magnesium Oil: What you need to know

best krill oil

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How to FAKE IT! Your Self Tanning Guide!

5 Fake tanning tips

In this modern age, getting a tan no longer requires long hours of sun bathing, you simply use a self-tanning product. When it comes to tanning there are a number of ways to go about it, baking yourself in the sun, lathering up with tanning oils, sitting in a sunbed, or lathering on the fake … Read moreHow to FAKE IT! Your Self Tanning Guide!

Give Your Hair a Revitalising Lift with Moroccan Hair Oil

Moroccan Hair Oil is the revolutionary hair product that is on everybody’s mind. We are seeing it in the magazines and on television. So there must be something really amazing about this product that made it so popular. But before we all get excited about it, let us learn more about  Moroccan hair oil?   … Read moreGive Your Hair a Revitalising Lift with Moroccan Hair Oil

Maxigesic VS Ordinary Paracetamol? How do they compare?

What makes Maxigesic different from ordinary paracetamol brands? Do you know what the various uses for Maxigesic are? Maxigesic is a pain reliever that has been developed in New Zealand. It is a patented combination of 500mg Panadol and 150mg of ibuprofen in one tablet. Paracetamol is the pain relief ingredient used in Panadol whilst … Read moreMaxigesic VS Ordinary Paracetamol? How do they compare?

Does Your Father Snore Like A Chainsaw? Give him Aveo TSD!

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Struggling To Find A Semi Permanent Hair Dye? Let MYHD Give You a Hint

Lately I have noticed there is a real shortage of semi permanent hair dye, even the tried and trusted semi permanent Wella Soft Colour seems to be hard to get hold of these days. Are you struggling to find a semi permanent hair colour in a shade that suits you? I was happy to discover … Read moreStruggling To Find A Semi Permanent Hair Dye? Let MYHD Give You a Hint

How To Fake Tan Your Chest, Neck, Arms and Upper body

The Secret To Streak Free Fake Tan On Your Check, Neck, Arms and Upper Body Winter is here and the sun is long gone… and unless your planning a trip to an island somewhere – diving into a bottle of fake tan may be your only option for a glowing tan. When it comes to … Read moreHow To Fake Tan Your Chest, Neck, Arms and Upper body

Fake Tanning 101 – How to Prepare Your Skin to Get an Even Looking Tan

fake tan preperation

Fake tanning can be tricky, as getting a flawless finish requires some preparation. You want to make sure that your skin is soft and smooth before applying your fake tan. Failure to do this can result in a blotchy and uneven look. Guess what? I’ve found a Youtube video explaining how to prepare your skin … Read moreFake Tanning 101 – How to Prepare Your Skin to Get an Even Looking Tan

The 7 Secrets to a Perfect Ball Makeup Every Kiwi Needs To Know

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Are Mouth Ulcers and Sores Causing You Discomfort? Try Bonjela

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Children Lactose Intolerance and The Lacteeze Supplement

Do your children suffer from the bloating, stomach cramps, and discomfort associated with lactose intolerance? I remember my childhood during holidays.  I suffer much too often from these conditions because I have got too much ice cream, cheesecake, and other creamy festive foods to consume.  And even as an older child, whenever I will go … Read moreChildren Lactose Intolerance and The Lacteeze Supplement